Is Your Lawn Looking A Little Lackluster? Follow These Tips And Call Your Local Experts Today.

a perfect lawn in Fort Lauderdale FloridaWait Until Dark To Water

The cooler temperature will allow water to soak in deep for firm rooting and hardy lawns.

Be Alert

Don't set your timer and forget about it. The best tool to make sure that you are irrigating correctly is a set of good old eyes. Take a look around and adjust on the fly.

Native Plants

Add a few native plants to your yard. Native plants and ground cover will not only need less water and upkeep, but will help make your backyard stand out.

Give It A Haircut

Keep your lawn mowed. Just like dead heading roses, a little off the top will spur constant growth at the roots.

Cheap Protection From Lightning Strikes

You use a surge protector with your computer, why not for your sprinkler system? This cheap item will go a long way in electrical surge damage prevention.

Mulch, Shade, and Ground Cover

Limit exposed soil as much as possible. Covered soil will stay cooler, hold in more moisture and provide for better lawn rooting overall. This will also help out with weeds.

Regularity Is Important

Inconsistent water is wasted water. Grass needs a weekly dose of about one inch of water to stay healthy. Keep your sprinkler system ready to handle this.

Our #1 Tip: Call The Experts

You do everything you can to keep your lawn in shape. When you need a little extra help, call in the Fort Lauderdale FL professionals.

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